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Attitudes are the REAL Disability



Hello, My name is Julie.  I'm physically challenged. I was born without upper and lower extremities.  I am very excited to share how I live my life with the world.  I would love to travel to different places and be motivational speaker about my disability. I am looking forward to doing this to help others see the beauty, the humor, and the joy of everyday living.

I actively support the 5 Million For Change campaign and I encourage you to join.
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Our website is currently under construction, but here are some interesting links for you:
For people with all types of Disabilities.  To promote good will and understanding between devotee's and the disabled community.
Dedicated to establishing a support network for women who are amputees and providing social opportunities for them and their admirers.
Larry W. Green is an artist living in Chicago for the past thirty-five years. He was born in Terre Haute, Indiana and came to Chicago to go to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1971 and he graduated in 1975 with a B.F.A in Painting and Printmaking.
Great Way for disabled and elderly to make income, especially if you are not mobile!

And here is a video I'm in:



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